Introducing Boldie.

Boldie is my co- editor here at Boldieaintaboy. She is an intellectual and an artist who loves all things Womyn . I hope you grow to see her as a companion, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on. I created this blog not just for myself but for all of you. For my sisters. For a place to vent, to discuss, to dress up , to share and when needed, to flex.

I want the women and men ( yes fellas you’re invited) who visit my blog to feel safe. To feel empowered, to feel vulnerable, and comfortable, and even uncomfortable at times. This is a place where nothing is too taboo or silly to share.

I’m not a writer or a professional blogger, I’m not here to promote myself or my brand. I’m here to share parts of myself and my art with you in the hopes that you will feel safe enough to do the same with me.

I have been thinking about this and dreaming about this for a long time, and to be honest, I was afraid, afraid of how it may be received, afraid that people wouldn’t be interested. But I’ve seen the impact that sharing has on another’s life.So often we go about the world thinking that we are alone, alone in our thoughts and feelings, we feel that nobody will understand. I was one of those people, and for a very long time too.

Here I will share my art, both art I have created and art I like to see and would love for others to see . I will share my goals and ambitions, my thoughts, my opinions, my insecurities. (Hol’ up , it might get spicy)

But I’m definitely going to have some fun with it too. Here I will share my friends, my family, my dress up parties  , outfits and my liberation as a womyn ( parental guidance is advised, haha no nudity, chill)

And lastly , I will share my love for all things womyn, my sisters. I hope to empower and to inspire the womyn around me. I will feature segments on womyn that I am inspired by, lgbtq+ and women of colour, showcasing their beauty in every shape, form, culture, and shade of brown.

So I hope that you enjoy this and that we can grow together you, me , Amy and Boldie.

Ps. And please be patient with me. I’m still learning.

Introducing Amy.

Amy is me and I is she. Amy is not a figment of my imagination, a manifestation or an alter ego. She is essentially and extension of myself. In a lot of ways ,she’s my rock. She is my liberation. She pushes me to partake in my daily 20 seconds of bravery, where I do what I feel, and say what I like in the hopes of a lifetime of magic.

I say that she is an extension of myself because I do not believe that human beings are linear in the way that we deal and cope. We all have that little free spirit buried deep inside that we just want to take for a walk, maybe show off a little.

So you’ll see her from time to time Amy is to Nina what Nina is to Boldie, a kindred spirit. Just like Boldie, she is confident, she advocates  self-love and black girl magic. The only difference, she is ape-shit crazy. I hope you love her just as much as you love Boldie.

My Black Is Beautiful.

I want Boldieaintaboy to be so much more than just a blog. I want it to be a space for vulnerability , truth, and sharing.A safe place for myself and others alike to express themselves. This page is very near and dear to my heart because it is where you will see myself ,some of my closest friends and new friends show ourselves in our purest form.

My Black is beautiful is a forum where poetry, literature,experiences ,art and empowerment will be shared. This forum is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. Anyone can contact me to submit a piece.I hope you come to see this forum as a safe place, a support system, a sisterhood.

ps. My Black Is Beautiful is open to all women belonging to minority ,racial groups as well as  all LGBTQ+ .Remember, the celebration of one thing is not an automatic disregard for another.

disclaimer: I do not seek to exclude anyone from this forum, everyone is welcome, but there is a greater emphasis on empowering women of colour in specific (men , you are welcome too.)

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