NdinguNina for Black History Month   The first time I performed NdinguNina was at an exhibition called,”The Other’d artist/s”  just before Summer, at Transmission gallery in the city centre of Glasgow. I hate cliches as much as the next person but in many ways, the piece felt like it was meant to be written and performed.... Continue Reading →

YELLOW by Chioma Ince

Hello, my lovelies. So I know I've been scarce ( and I ALWAYS say that, lol *rolls eyes at myself* ) but I promise i still love you all and of course Boldie is my baby so I cant neglect her. I feel like I need to have a proper sit-down and tell ya'll about this... Continue Reading →

To Be Young.Gifted .And Black.

The words to Mama Simone's ( Nina Simone)  "Young gifted and black" resonate with me when I think about The Other'd artist exhibition at Transmission. I enter the newly decorated Transmission where extracts of young gifted and black artist's work can be seen on the walls and filling the space of the gallery. A live... Continue Reading →


When I was home for Christmas, I had the pleasure of roaming the streets of my richly cultured central Johannesburg, looking for somewhere to shoot with the wonderful TK Mogotsi (photographer and founder of Gnorm magazine, an online zine showcasing photography, culture and style ).TK contacted me before I left  Glasgow for Christmas, asking me... Continue Reading →


This is somewhat of a haha funny story post . You know those stories that you retrospectively look at and say, "One day I'll laugh at this?" ye, see I didn't think that one day would EVER come. but  on Thursday ,it did On Thursday  I overcame a 3-year fear  and it was such a relief, a... Continue Reading →

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